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    Pratiyogita Darpan May Download. May 21, August 9, xaam org Pratiyogita Darpan May Download English And HIndi PDF. Download. Pratiyogita Darpan May Download,, Pratiyogita Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF. Pratiyogita darpan March Download,, Pratiyogita darpan Version of this page Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF.

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    Pratiyogita Darpan Pdf May 2015

    Pratiyogita Darpan May English/Hindi PDF free Read Online. Searched Results For "pratiyogita darpan may in hindi free download" Pratiyogita Darpan Hindi. Pratiyogita Darpan Varshiki Volume 1. Download the Pratiyogita Darpan Feb Free Edition in PDF Format. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd Pratiyogita Darpan May

    Examine some of the measures taken by the Government for the same ANS: Probity in governance is an essential and vital requirement for an efficient and effective system of governance and for socio-economic development. An important requisite for ensuring probity in governance is absence of corruption. The other requirements are effective laws, rules and regulations governing every aspect of public life and, more important, an effective and fair implementation of those laws, etc. Indeed, a proper, fair and effective enforcement of law is a facet of discipline. Unfortunately for India, discipline is disappearing fast from public life and without discipline, as the Scandinavian economist- sociologist, Gunnyar Myrdal, has pointed out, no real progress is possible. Discipline implies inter alia public and private morality and a sense of honesty. While in the West a man who rises to positions of higher authority develops greater respect for laws, the opposite is true in our country.

    It was revoked in The second emergency in India was proclaimed in by President V. Giri on the eve of the Indo-Pakistani War of The first two emergencies were in the face of external aggression and War. They were hence external emergencies. Even as the second emergency was in progress, another internal emergency was proclaimed by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed , with Indira Gandhi as prime minister in In , the second and the third emergencies were together revoked.

    State emergency See also: Federalism in India If the president is not fully satisfied, on the basis of the report of the governor of the concerned state or from other sources that the governance in a state cannot be carried out according to the provisions in the constitution, he can proclaim under Article a state of emergency in the state.

    Under Article of the Indian constitution , it can be imposed from six months to a maximum period of three years with repeated parliamentary approval every six months. If the emergency needs to be extended for more than three years, this can be achieved by a constitutional amendment , as has happened in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

    Download Pratiyogita Darpan May 2015 in Hindi and English

    During such an emergency, the president can take over the entire work of the executive, and the governor administers the state in the name of the president. The Legislative Assembly can be dissolved or may remain in suspended animation.

    The parliament makes laws on the 66 subjects of the state list [28] see National emergency for explanation. When a state emergency is imposed under this provision, the state is said to be under " President's rule.

    It can last up to a maximum of three years via extensions after each 6-month period. However, after one year it can be extended only if A state of National Emergency has been declared in the country or in the particular state. The Election Commission finds it difficult to organise an election in that state. The Sarkaria Commission held that presidents have unconstitutionally misused the provision of Article many times for achieving political motives, by dismissing the state governments although there was no constitutional break down in the states.

    There is no provision in the constitution to re-promulgate president's rule in a state when the earlier promulgation ceased to operate for want of parliaments approval within two months duration.

    During in Andhra Pradesh, president's rule was first imposed on 1 March and it ceased to operate on 30 April President's rule was promulgated after being fully aware that the earliest parliament session is feasible at the end of May after the general elections. It was reimposed again unconstitutionally on 28 April by the president. However, Union government can insist for compliance of its loan terms when a state has outstanding loan charged to the consolidated fund of India or an outstanding loan in respect of which a guarantee has been given by the Government of India under the liability of consolidated fund of India.

    Such an emergency must be approved by the parliament within two months by a simple majority.

    Download free Pratiyogita Darpan MAY 2016 (Hindi) Magazine PDF

    An alternative is to download the magzter app and download individual issues for 0. Otherwise it may not be worth the pains. Do take note of one thing that Pratiyogita Darpan may be of immense use for doing IR articles — at least the coverage , usually countries, are given in every issue — is very comprehensive — especially for beginners.

    A good way to use it is to tear the useful articles, staple and and decrease your exam load, both physically and psychologically.

    Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. To visit our new blog visit http: It is freely available over the Internet, and can be downloaded as pdf file. But there are two periods when most of us miss out on making Newspaper notes: Municipal bonds could tap these sources of fund and help get many projects off the ground.

    The money raised from municipal bonds can boost quality of life in cities. Job prospects in the locality may also look up. These bonds may also prove a good investment option for investors looking beyond fixed deposits and small saving schemes. Municipal bonds in India enjoy tax-free status if they conform to certain rules and their interest rates will be market-linked. Tradibility allows it not to be held till maturity. SEBI has put in place several conditions for city corporations to tap the public.

    September – Atul Kulkarni's Blog

    One, the corporation needs to have investment grade credit rating and must contribute at least 20 per cent of the project cost. Two, it must not have defaulted on any loans in the last one year. Three, it required to maintain full asset cover to repay the principal amount. Revenues from the project for which bonds were raised are to be kept in a separate escrow account. And banks or financial institutions would monitor the account regularly.

    In case of public issue of debt, the regulation says the revenue bonds intended to be issued shall have a minimum investment rating and it should have a minimum tenure of three years or such period as specified by the board from time to time.

    The maximum tenure should not exceed thirty yearsIn the event of non-receipt of minimum subscription all application money shall be refunded within 12 days Q: You are working a Superintendent of Police in a district where trafficking or women and children is rampant. Your wife who is very concerned and involved in many social works in the city insists you to come up with some innovative ideas to prevent trafficking, to identify trafficked persons and rescue them in your capacity as Superintendent of Police.

    The problem is severe and has affected thousands of families over the years and it has also brought bad name to the district.

    What measures will you come up with to address the issues raised by your wife? Suggest pragmatic and logical measures. Strengthen the ground and on field investigating and raiding teams.

    Making the local police more responsive and responsible by constant vigil and supervision. Strengthening the mechanism by launching helpline and distress numbers. Involving local NGOs in the task. Carrying out searches for any evidence of planning on the part of trafficking elements. Ensuring right, strict and timely action against the culprits so that more such elements do not crop up.

    Rescuing, rehabilitating and resettling the victims with special care and secrecy so that they do not fall in the wrath of further social trauma. Educating the locals about basic safety methods. Making the children aware of good and bad elements of the society so that they do not trust anybody for little favours or monetary baits. Sensitising the people in general and promoting a culture of vigilance and self defence by regular community interactions.

    Most of them are used in India by farmers and are found at alarming levels on vegetables and fruits.

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