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At ten years old, Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw collided mid-air when they dove for the same football. For three years, they were inseparable until one . Download PDF/ Epub Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1) by Riley Hart. Book [ Bestsellers]. Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1) by Riley Hart Book. DOWNLOAD . Get Free Read & Download Files Broken Pieces 1 Riley Hart PDF. BROKEN PIECES 1 RILEY HART. Download: Broken Pieces 1 Riley Hart. BROKEN PIECES.

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Broken Pieces Riley Hart Pdf

Get Free Read & Download Files Full Circle Broken Pieces 2 Riley Hart PDF. FULL CIRCLE BROKEN PIECES 2 RILEY HART. Download: Full Circle Broken. Get Free Read & Download Files Losing Control Broken Pieces 3 Riley Hart PDF . LOSING CONTROL BROKEN PIECES 3 RILEY HART. Download: Losing. Broken Pieces book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Can three broken pieces make a whole?Josiah Evans is the orphan wh.. .

Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of author imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This book is licensed to the original downloadr only. Any eBook format cannot be legally loaned or given to others. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher, except where permitted by law. Click here to receive email updates when Riley Hart and Devon McCormack have a new release coming out. Ethan 2. Sean 3. Ethan 4. Sean 5. Ethan 6. Sean 7.

Ethan Sean I sat behind my desk, an electric current zipping through my veins. I hated it when people doubted me. I should do something to celebrate. Fiddling with my cell, I saw an unread message from Amber, a woman I hooked up with every once in a while. She was always down for a good time and I was too, so it worked. Just as I was about to pull up the text to reply, there was a knock on my office door.

The door opened and a blonde head peeked inside. Sadie was gorgeous. She had long hair, a pouty mouth, and killer legs. Do you want to come? Not everything is about you, ya know?

I resent that! I really do hate you. You can hang out with Amber any time. Sadie stepped inside and crossed her arms. Unless…oh, never mind. I get it. Sadie was one of the only people I spent time with from work and I liked Owen. I know you. Not all men are secure enough in their sexuality to go to a gay bar. Loud, boisterous laughter because she had to be kidding right now. I think we both know being secure has never been a problem for me.

Nice try on the reverse psychology there. I swear you drive me crazy sometimes. I knew I was a lot to handle…but most people liked handling me, so it worked. The past was the past. I was always up for trying new things. There was nothing wrong with a little flirting.

Soon, Sadie said good-bye and left. The office was quiet when I made my way out. It was the only thing that never expected something of me. Since I lived downtown, it only took me ten minutes to walk home. I showered and dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight, V-neck black shirt. My hair was still wet, and I ran my fingers through it a few times before I went downstairs and called for an Uber.

My driver was a beautiful African American woman with curls and sexy, pink lips. How are you tonight? It used to drive my grandmother crazy when I was a child. We were different, my grandmother and I. Regardless of my attitude or how I joked around, I knew how to treat people and I made sure I did it well.

We chatted until she dropped me off at the restaurant. Sadie, Owen, Brandt, and a few other people from the firm were there.

I appreciate you coming. I was looking forward to getting to know him better because I could tell he was a good guy. We ate and talked and I bought dinner for everyone. About an hour later, we made our way down the block and inside the dark club with flashing lights.

The building was packed. We made our way to the dance floor and spent a song with her ass pressed against my dick. Josiah is the link that ties them all together. No, because he held them together. He was the glue that made all of their broken pieces fit to make them whole.

It was unlike anything I could have ever expected or imagined. It was a such a touching, beautiful journey View all 56 comments. Dec 04, Macky rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This totally blew me away" Yeah, very sophisticated!! But that's exactly what it did to me and I can see that phrase coming up in many more reviews because if it gets to everyone who reads it, the way it got through to me, there's going to be lots more " OMG!

The connection was instant. I knew as soon as I'd read the first paragraph that this book was going to keep me glued and I wasn't wrong. I read the whole thing more or less in one sitting, finishing it in the early hours of the morning.

There was no way I could have put it down and sleep wasn't on the agenda! I simply loved everything about it. Street tough, but with a conscience, gang leaders son Mateo. The one who I think gives up the most and has to make the most agonising choices. Sweet, shy, adorable Josiah, who goes through romantic hell, but its his strength that becomes the glue that ultimately holds the three of them together when the time comes.

Rich, emotionally stunted, introspective, lawyer Tristan, who because of his poignant past is probably the most vulnerable of all three of them despite his perceived successful and comfortable lifestyle. They all had psychological baggage and they all stole my heart. The fact that it takes the three of them ten years and a whole bucketload of heartache to finally get together was what had me on the edge of my seat, unable to look away and pretty much shell shocked for most of the story whilst falling head over heels at the same time.

I got an emotional battering but OMG it was so worth it and the ending was totally satisfying but still left me wanting more from this fabulous threesome. They say three's a charm and the fact that this is told in three parts, has three completely different, beautiful but emotionally damaged men and ends up in a threesome that had my heart flipping beats, shows how true the saying is. I'm not going anywhere near the storyline in this review because knowing what I know now, personally I wouldn't want to start reading this with any prior knowledge of whats to come at all.

The blurb is a pretty good place to start but I still think with a hell of of a story like this, it's a diamond worth discovering all by yourself and I envy anyone who gets to pick it up for the first time. But please don't go into this thinking it's all heart wrenching angst and traumatic events because tucked alongside all the drama there are also delicious moments of pure romantic heaven, passionate love scenes that will have you tingling and sighing like a lovesick fool and as it nears it's conclusion Damn, I'm so pissed it's all over for me!

Kudos to Riley Hart for pulling such a wonderful story out of her mind and sharing it with us. Collide was fabulous. This one was even more so and will stay with me for a long time. I'm now on pins waiting in anticipation for their next book because I want more of these three men and their heartbreaking pasts. I need to see if they can keep their relationship strong despite their past histories, I want to be kept on the edge of my seat again because I'm sure there's more conflict in store for them before they get to their absolute and true HEA and I need to feel the warm and fuzzies when they arrive there because I know that these guys are each other's heart, life and soul.

I want to be there when they all truly believe that and I want to sigh again with contentment I'm a greedy reader I want more and I'm guessing so will you! Oh and I've just thought of two more words to describe this Blissfully sublime!

View all 41 comments. MM fans of emotional reads. Broken Pieces is one of those emotional and angsty books that grabs ahold of your heart strings from the start, never lets go.

Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1) by Riley Hart - PDF Drive

In a lot of ways, the book is more than one story So, because of the way the book is broken down into three parts, I will too break my review down in similar fashion Josiah- Broken Pieces starts out when Josiah was just 16 years old. He's living with foster parents after losing both his parents in a car accident. He has no family, no home, no friends. Until this nice couple takes him in. When a new foster kid is added to their household, he's taken back by his rough demeanor yet beautiful exterior.

He just sits and stares at Mateo Josiah was such a sweet, impressionable soul. Beautiful, in fact, which left him at the mercy of bullies in his school. It's apparent he lived a good life before it was all snatched away from him. I fell in love with his character from the start. His heart is huge.

Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1)

But with the huge heart, opens him up for predators at every turn. Until Mateo is added to their broad, he's never had anyone stand up for him. It's clear Mateo's history is filled with violence and crime, yet Mateo softens for Josiah, protects him. Mateo- Mateo knows this new foster home is temporary. Like all the rest. His past is ugly and so is he Until he met his new foster brother Josiah Something about the kid draws a protective instinct to his darkness. He's always staring at him, until he tries to make eye contact He's bullied at school, being called a faggot.

He has this insane, unnatural desire to protect him He has nothing to lose, after all. Mateo was the dark to Josiah's light. A foul-mouthed, tattooed street kid that has nothing to lose. Until Josiah. The slow build of their friendship and bond was the foundation of the book.

Mateo would stop at nothing to protect Josiah. Their draw was from day one and gradually grew to a physical connection. Mateo always hid from his sexual orientation Until this sweet kid, he could hide his feelings. Not anymore. Fast forward several years Tristan- Tristan is a prosecuting attorney living in San Francisco. He's suffered from severe insomnia and works all hours of the day and night. He has no relationships to speak of outside his agoraphobic mother. He has a past that causes him to resist commitments with men One and done.

He's not proud of his past and suffers from a fair amount of guilt. When he meets this young man on the bay shore of Fisherman's Warf, watching him feed the birds, there's a strange draw to him.

At first he propositions sex before he quickly learns this is the last thing either of them need. So, instead, he stops by the Warf when he can in the early morning hours, feeding the birds with Josiah and taking quiet walks.

The kid doesn't have much but he finds Josiah is just what his heart needs to heal Tristan was my favorite character in Broken Pieces. While all three men are broken, all having pasts that scar them, something about this tortured hero just attracted me most.

He did so much for Josiah, never asking for a thing in return but his companionship On the outside Josiah seems so young and impressionable, but deep down, he's so tough and it's that toughness that begins to break down Tristan's emotional walls. Obviously there's three characters I've just listed. So, inevitably I'll be asked if this is a love triangle. I guess so. But not in the typical sense that we see in so many reads. Josiah is the common denominator Mateo has the past.

Tristan has the present. Josiah loves them both. How can the rough street kid Mateo fit in with the suit Tristan so they can both keep Josiah? They're all broken but something draws them together. Broken Pieces is one of the most emotional MM stories I've encountered. I simply loved it. There's a fair amount of sadness but so much hope too.

The build is perfectly timed between every character And, in true Riley Hart style, there's a hefty dose of steam I've grown to expect from her. I've read several books from this author and this, by far, is my favorite I loved the depth of the storyline, the character development superb I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in MM genre.

I think it packs such an emotional punch, any fan of romance stories will love it. And I thank you! I see there's a second book in this series. Same characters, just looks like new challenges ahead. It's not rated near as high so I'm calling it good with their love story. Happy how it ended and, quite frankly, have no desire to see them face struggles in the future.

Ta-ta for now! View all 45 comments. Jan 27, This book is broken down into three different sections: Life, unfortunately, gets in the way, and choices are made that will tear the boys apart. In part two, years pass and Josiah meets Tristan. A closed off lawyer who refuses to open his heart, but Josiah little by little began to break down his walls. Part three- this is the part I was most nervous about. How was it going to work? These three men who were so different yet not.

It's the kind that hurts so good. It's a breathtaking story, and it deserves all the glowing reviews it received has received. It's exquisitely written. I kick myself for not having read it sooner. View all 10 comments. Nov 23, Cory rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gosh, what to write about this book? It was totally different than I expected, but I absolutely loved it.

What a great story. Three men, all broken in their own unique way, coming together for a perfect fit. Josiah was awesome. He was vulnerable and just an all around nice guy. But the best part about him is that, even if it made him uncomfortable, he would take chances and make moves to get what he truly wanted. He is someone that you just want to be friends with and he makes you want to be a better person.

He is selfless and believes that love can conquer all if you are willing to fight for it. Mateo won my heart pretty instantly. There is something about a guy who takes up for the underdog. He took Josiah under his wing and it didn't take long for Josiah to worm his way into his heart.

Mateo took care of Josiah and loved him, while always feeling that he wasn't worthy of Josiah's love in return. Tristan took a little bit longer to win me over, but he did, of course. There were certain parts where Tristan's actions would just have me gushing because they were just so perfect!

His frienship with Ben was a little odd, but it showed how hard it was to break through Tristan's wall he put around himself. How do three guys that are this different come together?? You will know if you run as fast as you can to the nearest copy of this book and start reading.

It's that great! There is a second book and I'm already a little antsy for it to come out! Lastly, this was especially fun as it was a buddy read with Mishyjo and Catherine!!

Seriously, does it get any better than that?? View all 51 comments. Do not pass Go. Just drop whatever you're doing and read this NOW. Review to follow after I come down from this phenomenal book high! So I'm just going to get to the point and say what needs to be said View all 20 comments. Ugh, I can't believe there's going to be another book. I am the outlier for this. I did not enjoy it. Josiah is a giant woobie.

They're all woobies. I am a crier by nature, but my heartstrings were not jerked once. Additionally, I don't like the whole "you're not healed and whole until you are the receiving partner in penetrative sex" trope, which this belabored ceaselessly, to the very end.

In no way is this poorly written: Not my book. View all 14 comments. Sep 10, Tanu Gill rated it it was amazing. Its hard for me to put into words how much I loved this book!

What depiction of characters!! I could see the 3 main characters in front of me! A perfect read from one of my favorite authors!

And this makes me a very happy person!!: View all 32 comments. Dec 02, Heller rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not sure about my luck lately with picking up sad books. Situations are sad. Protags are sad. Reader is sad.

Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1)

This story a good foundation for their relationship and I while liked the history between Josiah and Mateo and later Tristan Even when things are going well I was on edge waiting for the hammer to fall. Maybe that's why I couldn't really sink into this one I was too tense. I will say that the menage really works here. Broken pieces that are definit I'm not sure about my luck lately with picking up sad books.

Broken pieces that are definitely stronger together and even if we didn't get another book I could imagine the three men happily living and healing together. I'll be reading book two down the road but right now I need to go find a book that makes me laugh. Edit Dec. This very unique menage is truly unforgettable. Can you lose touch with reality while reading a book?

Broken Pieces is one of those unique books. Sweet and shy Josiah has lost both of his parents and wants nothing more than to be loved. Mateo, the street tough underdog, is the son of a gang leader, and no matter what it is, he never hesitates to do what needs to be done. All three of them are emotionally damaged So can those three broken pieces make a whole? Can they calm the storm inside each other? Broken Pieces is this rare kind of book that pulled at my heart strings, had me on the edge of my seat unable to put it down.

It shocked me deeply and let me fall head over heels at the same time. It was raw and intense, it was soooo emotional, it was heart-breaking and heart-warming, it was sad, it was tender, it was hot, it was powerful, it was beautiful and fucking perfect! I want to see if they are still living in their happy threesome bubble and I want to watch over them if their cruel past catches up with them ….

Thank you Macky girl for our impromptu buddy read on Facebook. It was fun! So I gobble up all the ones I find, but I can say I have never read one that was quite like this one. There are books that somehow just stay with you, at least that's how it is for me, the first book I remember really leaving an impression on me, even now, decades later was Where the Red Fern Grows , there have been a few more over the years like Ravages and now this one, Broken Pieces.

I can't always remember the whole story, but I can still remember the emotions I felt while reading. I loved this one, I loved watching these three men, all Broken Pieces coming together to make a whole.

To ease the guilt and to fill the void with love and affection they all so desperately need. I do have to say I wish there had been a little more lightness or happy times interspersed in the story, it was emotional, lots of painful and dark moments in the lives of these men. I wanted and needed a few more uplifting times to keep me from feeling like I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I kept dreading, unnecessarily, what was to come. There will be a continuation of their story and I will definitely be reading it and hoping that I will see the happiness in them I know they deserve. I also want to add, the walks on the beach, alone, as a couple, or all three was such a great thread throughout the story, and those walks were some of the best moments for me.

The story is divided in three parts and with alternating POVs within each part. Which again is one of my favorite things, I like being in each MCs head and knowing what they are thinking and feeling. Although honestly, sometimes it was hard, all of them have at times such sad, dark and depressing moments. Although it did make the ending so much better. Friendship, love and someone to depend on, to feel safe with. There is something about Josiah that draws Mateo and changes him, makes him want things he knows he really can't have.

I was so chocked up, reading about Josiah walking on the beach, feeding the birds everyday just hoping that one of those days his love would come back to him. He works, goes to school, but he doesn't really live not without Mateo. When Tristan comes into Josiah's life it's a slow progression of friendship and then love. Tristan looks like he has it made, but actually he's the most emotionally repressed of all of them. Like Mateo he has guilt and regrets, and just like Mateo he sees something in Josiah that draws him in.

He wants to help and take care of Josiah too, protect him and love him, even if he can't admit that, to Josiah or even himself.

And again years go by, Tristan and Josiah have made a life together, it's not perfect but it's good, but for Josiah Mateo is still a missing piece. And Tristan is still so closed off that I'm not sure the relationship could make it longterm. Part Three comes and with it Mateo. Here are two men who love Josiah, want the best for him and put his welfare before their own.

They both see something in him that, I think, helps ease what they hate in themselves. Mateo was his past, although I'm not sure that's quite right either, he's always been with Josiah, even when he wasn't physically there.

And Tristan is his present and his future. Poor Josiah, torn, literally between two men he loves. He is so loyal, loving Teo even after he sent him away and stayed away for so long, and loving Tristan, who can't even say the words I Love You back. They are far more alike than it appears at first glance.

I liked watching them getting to know the other and then falling for each other. It was different with Josiah, because even though he had his own painful past, it had always been about love for him.

Maybe they just are. These three beautifully different and broken men just need each other to make their lives not only whole, but happy and worth living. View all 25 comments. Feb 05, Beverly rated it it was amazing. I am not even sure where to start, so I will start at the beginning. Josiah is innocent and a people pleaser.

Mateo is from a gang and is only trying to survive. Despite being so different Josiah and Mateo become friends, and eventually lovers.

Mateo is forced to leave the house due to some bad decisions and Josiah decides to 5 Appropriately Named Stars Wow! Mateo is forced to leave the house due to some bad decisions and Josiah decides to go with him.

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Although Mateo desires to be with Josiah he sends him away to protect him. Years pass before Josiah can begin trusting people, but eventually he meets and develops a friendship with Tristan. Tristan is a successful attorney and appears to have everything together. As we all know appearances can be deceiving, he is just as broken as Josiah.

Years pass, yes years , many things change and just when things are going according to the new plan Mateo comes back. What will happen now that Mateo is back? Can Josiah forgive Mateo for staying gone? Can he let Mateo go after finally seeing him again? Can he Josiah give up Tristan and the history they now share?

You will have to start this epic read to find out. This story is heartbreaking and I loved every bit of it. My heart broke for each of the characters and while reading this I fell in love with all the guys. Now what we have all been waiting for…the sex is super hot! I mean change your panties hot, and is completely unexpected because there is also so much story and heart. I cannot put into words how much I loved this one. This is by far one of my favorite books this year.

View all 39 comments. Read on. It got that "many" stars, because I really, really liked part one with Josiah and Mateo. The careful apporach, the sweet kisses and how they completed each other. I really liked that they lived in a good foster home. I mean, I liked that the story was about them, not about them being abused in the foster home or anything.

Having read the blurb, I knew that Josiah and Mateo didn't stay together. So their "break-up" was bound to happen, and I get why Mateo did what he did.

He was between a rock and a hard place, and he chose to sacrifice him self to "save" Josiah , even though they both got hurt in the process. It was very emotional reading about that. Mateo was a character I really liked, although the "I can't give you what you deserve"-obsession with physical stuff got on my nerves a bit. I felt bad that Mateo didn't treasure Josiah's love more, that way he could get behind "I have everything I need in you" statements from Josiah.

Part two Josiah and Tristan This is where the story lost my rating. I'm finding out I'm having a huge problem with stories that span over a long time. In this instanse many many years. Soo many years going by? I mean, that's a loooooong frikkin' time , okay! And then Josiah meets Tristan. Aw gawd. I never really clicked with him, so he ended up irritating me. Basically, I think he was a bastard , he pissed me off for a good portion of the book.

Sorry, people I just couldn't get on board with who he was and how he acted. It was bloody obvious he got huge issues, but I wasn't able to sympathize or empathize with him. And again with the time span! They used about six months walking on the beach , barely talking. Then they kissed in November , Tristan freaked and stayed away for several week.

Then Josiah had a break down on his birthday December 1st. Tristan found him, and took him back to his house, where Josiah ended up staying in the spare bedroom. Next it's April and they have barely talked, and have had no more of their walks together. Then, it's suddenly one and a half year later and still nothing has changed! He kept his distance. But they were Want proof?

I want to. I want you. Tristan moaned. His cock jerked. Josiah pushed the door open to his room and Tristan closed it behind them. Just wanted to feel. You have a guy living with you for several years and didn't know he finally unpacked? Yeah they know each other sooo well. So now they have had sex. Two and a half after they first met, mind you. Things change to the better, huh? Then monthly, biweekly.

But he always kissed Josiah good night. How sweet Now another year has gone by, by the way. But they are at least sharing a bed now. That's good right? Wanted it so damn much. Still, the words were lodged in his throat. This is where part three starts Josiah, Tristan and Mateo , because Mateo shows up.

I can't be bothered to go into more detail about part three, since this is already too long. I loved that! I assume the same way you probably thought Teo wanted to save you. You were wrong. It was you who saved me, the same way the two of you saved each other. And now And now you brought me Mateo, too. I want you both. I love you both.

My missing piece. Would I recommend reading it? I honestly don't know. I get that many have loved this book, it just wasn't a very good read for me. You should check out other reviews and see if you want to. I absolutely hate when I end up not completely loving a book others really seem too.

But unfortunately it happens. And in this case, I ended up not loving this book as others did. But I did end up somewhat liking it. This story starts off with a sixteen year old Josiah Evans, and a seventeen year old Mateo Sanchez. Both of them are in foster care and end up in the same home. They both are completely different, but share a common bond of loss.

They also share the fact that they are both gay. And as time goes by, this unlikely pair become close. What starts as a friendship, ends into a romantic relationship. It was really beautiful to read how these two teens find love in each other. From that moment on, I was really hooked to their story. It was full of heartache, though. I felt deeply for these two--which ended up being three--lost souls. But I really thought that by having each other, they could all move on.

First, let me tell you a bit about Josiah--Jay. He was a really shy teen. As he grew up, he remained quite the same. He was sweet, and was really positive.

But at times he also seemed to be kind of weak to me, and in other ways not so much. I felt like he relyed too much on the men he loved, rather than to be truly independent. But I also thought he was a brave person because he was able to tell people what the thought and felt. But still, I really wanted him to be stronger. Most of the story revolved around him. So that span of ten years are pretty much about his life and how Mateo and Tristan become a part of it.

It was still in all three of their POV's, so don't worry. Mateo is the gay son of a gang leader. His mother was killed and then found himself in the foster system. He has done and seen things no kid his age should see. When he meets Josiah, he feels the need to protect him.

I loved Mateo for the way he cared for Josiah. I could really feel that connection between them. I was saddened by how unworthy he saw himself because he really was a good person at heart. I hurt deeply when circumstances caused him to let Josiah go.

This caused him to not see him again until about ten years later. This is where Tristan comes into the picture. Josiah has left New York and has moved to San Francisco. Here he meets Tristan, this lonely man who likes to keep control of his life and actions, and doesn't let anyone in. Josiah and Tristan are also very different and yet quite common. The start a strange relationship with very little talking. But with time, Josiah manages to get him to open up to him.

As this kept going on, they ended up falling in love with each other. They were both so damaged and flawed, but together they worked so well. I started to really like the relationship that they had. Tristan had his own issues to get over, but I felt like the one person to help with that was Josiah. I just loved seeing them together. I started really liking this story but slowly became It was just hard for me to see a connection between Tristan and Mateo.

I think it was because of all the time that was skipped. But I wasn't able to truly feel it. I felt like they fell in love with each other too fast. I also feel like Mateo kind of became like the third wheel which was at times awkward to me. On the bright side, there was some crazy off the charts steam in this book. Like smokin' hot! But again, at times seeing them all together was a bit odd.

It seemed to me at first like Josiah had to be with one or the other. And when the three got together, I didn't feel like enough time was spent on how that relationship between the three grew. Because again, time would just go by which was a shame. While I loved the concept of this story, it didn't really end up working completely for me. I still managed to really enjoy it, however, but not love it. I liked each character individually and in pairs. I'm still not too sure how I feel about them all together.

And it's not because I have a problem with menage stories because I don't. I did like learning about each of the character's terrible backgrounds. You could see how that molded them and caused them to live their lives the way they did.

I liked that with the help of each other they were able to slowly move on and finally live. There was a sad tone to the story which at times I wished could have lightened up in some moments for a bit of relief.

Broken Pieces

There was also angst which I did enjoy, as well as the high steam. Overall, I thought this one was a pretty good read. It surprised me though, that the relationship I desired the most where Mateo and Tristan. There was just something between them that pulled me. The characters were likable; I had respect for them and I understood their decisions and choices. My favorite part was watching Mateo and Tristan fall in love ; there was really something special there. Josiah was cute and a nice balance in the trio.

As for the timeline I'm not big fan of such time jumbing, but somehow it worked alright. I didn't go nuts of it and it was nice to see the characters fall in love, instead of insta-love, which I hate. On to the next one. He then later starts living with Tristan and start college. In part 3, he graduate and start looking to start his own business.

He's the light, pure. On the outside, Josiah looked like the weakest of them all. Mateo had always known how strong he was, but looking at him right now, hearing him, it slammed into his chest just how much more strength he had. More than himself.

More than Tristan, too. He was the rock, and not just because he drew them together. His uncle Javier was in command, but it was always known Teo would be his second: They came to Ricky Sanchez for everything, and Teo was the son he groomed to be just like him.

In part 3 he was fresh out of prison. He's the protecter. He looked up as Tristan reached him. No doubt he had tears mixed with the rain sliding down his face. Without a word, or thought, he wrapped his arms around Josiah and picked him up. Sold his body to a guy named Wilson to get through college and to support his mom — let someone control and dominate him for money. He hates himself for hiding in his closet when he was a kid, counting his pulse as though that would make it go away, while his mom was being used and abused, so she could support them.

He's the commander, the one who seems to have it all put together. When people love so much they put someone else above themselves.

Or equal to themselves. All it does is hand power to them. Keep that for yourself. No one else deserves it. It was so Tristan sighed, making his reply obvious. Part 1 - Josiah and Mateo — A year and half timeline? Chapter Two — Three years after Mateo. There were things Tristan could give: Help with his business, a home Probably always would be.

The Couples: Mateo cold from from growing up in a gang, while Josiah sweet and shy, moving from foster home to foster home. Mateo felt a strong need to protect Josiah at all cost, Josiah wanted love. Together they found safety and love, and a strong bond that will never be broken. Even if they spend 9 years apart. You know we love having you here. His stomach cramped.

Together they find something in each other they didn't know they needed. Tristan helps Josiah grow, become more confident and sure, Josiah teaches Tristan about love. They understand each other deeper than any and the bond is powerful. Scared of the unknown, and feeling unworthy, both help each other believe in their love and in each other. For turning to face him, and still holding on while Tristan did the same.

Dios, this was crazy shit. Pieces he never expected to see in the man. They fit each other. Each different from one another, yet all needed to be complete. And determinant to be Josiah's friend. Her caretaker, Isabel. They used to fuck. Love triangle? Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 3 stars. View 2 comments. Feb 01, Isabel rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been delaying this book I knew that it would be emotional, I thought that I would cry and feel devastated!

So when I decided with some friends to buddy read this book, I was prepared! But to be honest, I didn't drop one single tear! This is the story of three men: Josiah, Mateo and Tristan! Each one of them has a very sad and dark past The book is divided in three parts, and we can read different POV's from the three MC's, wich is very interesting, so we can follow what goes in their I've been delaying this book

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